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To be Young, Gifted and Black: the Kroy Richardson Story

When the Covid-19 pandemic took root in 2020, many people were moved into a state of panic and fear, while others took the opportunity to develop their talents and crafts. For Kroy Richardson, a young 9 year old entrepreneur, it was a journey to both extremes. From dealing with some type of social anxiety and being diagnosed with autism, to launching a successful popcorn business, Kroy has proven that he is a powerhouse despite whatever road block he may face.

In a world where Black boys and men are criminalized because of the color of their skin, Kroy Richardson defies societal stereotypes. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, he was diagnosed with autism. With this condition, many would often assume that his life would be

severely and significantly impacted in a negative way, however that diagnosis only propelled him into his role as a young business owner. Isolated from school friends and play groups, one night Kroy had a taste for popcorn. That desire led to the creation of KroyKorn. With signature flavors such as Banana Pudding, Nacho, and Karamel; Kroy’s popcorn has been enjoyed by media mogul Tyler Perry to everyday ordinary people.

With this level of success and exposure, Kroy is still an average kid from the city of Atlanta. Regardless of his condition, his strength is exhibited in the unconditional love that he shows to his mother, Minke Richardson, his passion for learning and the jolt of po

sitive energy that he shares with everyone he comes in contact with. “If he wants to stop doing KroyKorn today, and just live life, we would.” The warm and affirming words of his mother, who also serves as his business partner.

Beyond KroyKorn, we also see both Kroy and his mother as vocal advocates for Autism Awareness and childhood entrepreneurship. Bringing awareness to how autism affects Black children, the Richardsons have been part of promotional and media conversations to show them that autism is not the kiss of death as many have been made to believe. They have shown how Kroy has used his diagnosis to his advantage to build a successful popKorn empire, and how he has rewritten the book of being a kid entrepreneur.

All of these things accomplished before the age of 16; this goes to show us that the song “To be Young, Gifted and Black,” is an accurate prophetic testimony of Kroy Richardson and the great things that he will accomplish.


KroyKorn products may be purchased through the Walmart and Amazon websites, as well as the official company website at Also be sure to follow KroyKorn on instagram at @kroykorn, there you may also place orders for their delicious popkorn as well.


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