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"Q&A ft. James Worthy"

written by: Cyn The Great

Q1. When it comes to the industry, what is it that sets you aside from others trying to reach the same audiences as you?

A1. When it comes to Myself I see me as a trendsetter who goes against the grain of what is considered popular. My work is based on authenticity, versatility, and creativity. Those components are not the easiest to convey as an Artist, Producer, and Songwriter.

Q2. How did being told “no” over the years while working on your craft affect you, or fuel you?

A2. It helped me figure out what I needed to improve on, and to find out the next step towards the goal. Everyone may not like you, but it takes just one situation to change your life forever.

Q3. What projects have you produced or composed?

A3. I've had the pleasure of working with artists such as: Robin S, J. Holiday, Bobby Brown, 112, Goodie Mob, Truth Hurts, Future, Justin Bieber, and so many others to name.

Q4. What major milestones can you say have aided in the success of your career?

A4. Being able to work with those who I've grown up listening to, being nominated, and winning several awards, and staying consistent in an always changing industry.

Q5. What artist are you listening to when you aren’t working on your own?

A5. I listen to those I connect with the most. Certain artists like The Weeknd, Kanye West, 6LACK, Miguel are styles that I enjoy.

Q6. Who has influenced you the most both personally and professionally?

A6. I draw inspiration from anyone who opens the envelope to be innovative no matter what. Those people inspire my work.

Q7. Who have you collaborated with in the past; who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

A7. I've collaborated with 112, Big Gipp, Drag-On, Ruff Endz, Whodini, Sonna Rele, and many others. In the future I would love to have the honor to collaborate with The Weeknd.

Q8. What is your give back to music, the culture and to your fans?

A8. Vulnerability, and the highest form of creativity I can make. Those are the things that connect most with the audience.

Q9. What has been your favorite project up to date that you created?

A9. My debut EP Blu Leisure.

Q10. What are you currently working on and how soon will fans have access?

A10. Right now I have a joint collab EP entitled "Gipp N Worthy" out now, working on my debut album, new television shows, my documentary, and a tour coming soon!



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