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About LUL

All Your Favorite Stuff — In One Place

LET US LIVE MAGAZINE was inspired by love, unity, and diversity stemming from personal experiences -  learning how different yet similar we all are as human beings, and the diverse backgrounds we all come from. College was the stomping ground where you experience your love for sports, entertainment, engineering, psychology and so many other avenues where at that moment, we were all going to school with the expectation of graduating. Some understand some things and some things aren't by others, but it doesn't define who we are as a human race, and the main objective is to LIVE. At that moment, I began thinking about ways I could be creative and create a product centered around us. In this human race, I could showcase and highlight different things inclusively that could remind people about the love, unity, and diversity we would like to see visually that stood as a product, a statement, and a brand.

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