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“The Lizzo Effect”

Written by: Oroscia Lowe

Photo: / Yitty

Curves, Curves and more Curves…singer, songwriter and performer Lizzo strikes again! With confidence, thickness, and personality to match; Lizzo encourages women of all sizes to be the most confident version of themselves. She’s leading the charge to challenge the narrative designed for thicker women. With hit shows like “Watch out for the Big Grrrls” and shape-wear brands such as “Yitty”, Lizzo continues to attack the societal standards placed among women across the world. As she continues to soar, she empowers and uplifts fans through her own light. Who created this ideology that bigger women aren’t beautiful? Why does thick equate unhealthy?

Watch out for the Big Girls; They’re performing with no limitations, intense cardio, increased stamina, and they look good doing it! Watch out for the big Girls because they are here to stay! Lizzo’s new show captures the journey of 10 voluptuous females chasing their dreams as they compete for the opportunity to become “A Big Grrrl”. Lizzo’s team of “big grrrl” dancers embodies the true essence of femininity, class, and curves. The vulnerability displayed amongst the contestants captures the highs and lows of beautiful women. The show features challenges designed to confront insecurities, self-expression, and body -shaming. Viewers can tap into the true essence of what it means to go after the highest version of yourself. This newer show reminds women to “love themselves in a world that often doesn’t love them back”. It forces individuals to deal with the limitations that we often set for ourselves due to the opinion of others. Who said that Big Girls can’t be the best version of themselves?

From left: Featuring: Sydney Bell, Charity Holloway, Arianna Davis, Ashley Williams, Jayla Sullivan, Asia Banks and Kiara Mooring : “Lizzo’s Big Grrrls”. James Clark / Amazon Prime Video &

Lizzo has been known for her non societal conforming outfits showing pure booty and sexiness. She’s worn thong dresses at basketball games and risqué revealing cleavage. Her clothing choices and aura exude sensual confidence in a manner that encourages others to feel comfortable to do the same for themselves. Lizzo provides representation for those who are already confident as well as those who feel compelled to hide. With the introduction of “Yitty” a size inclusive shapewear brand ranging from 6x to XS, Lizzo fosters a community of feminine self-love regardless of size. Contrary to popular belief, Lizzo continues to also promote health with an underlying tone of big girl sexiness. Lizzo has made it known that as a big girl she doesn’t work out to change the way she looks, she works out to stay healthy. This is important for many women that are confident but feel compelled to embody what they often see on social media.

Whether you’re a size 0 or 22…the theme remains the same; be proud of who you are and move with confidence.

Photo: Business Insider


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