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The Empowerment Foundation

A Taste of Class live Cooking show

Founder: Andrea Williams - @DKTHE_EMPOWERMENT

The Empowerment Foundation’s contribution strategy is simple, to give back to those who make our future what is today. In 2020, during the heart of the pandemic we decided to move towards providing resources for the upcoming college students. Students were severely impacted by the Pandemic. Schools where shutting down, parents being laid off, and homes going into foreclosure, students fell in the crack. In its inaugural year, the scholarship foundation raised $1,000 for 1 which was awarded to a young lady named Lisa King.

Andrea Williams, owner of Delicate Kreations LLC, a Design House for Custom Clothing,founded The Empowerment Foundation. Her passion toward the youth and education stemmed from her personal connection with receiving financial support, volunteering during college, and receiving love offerings during her trying times in college. She originally went to college with the intentions of being an Attorney but, later on In life, found her love for Design. While in college, Andrea worked, took out loans, drove 1.5 hours 4 times a week during her senior year, and more just to get through. The extra level of stress that it added made the experiences of education and college a lot more hectic than it should have been. Though those obstacles allowed an added strength it was overwhelming and took away time she could have been focusing on class and joining clubs. She never wants individuals to 1. Not be able to reach their greatest potential due to lack of resources and 2. Stress about financial support vs. focusing on education and gaining the most from the experience. The Empowerment Scholarship will impact many lives now and in the future. This is just the beginning. Andrea

knows that with the right support this foundation can be the heart beat of many changed lives globally and internationally.

July 24 th , The Empowerment Foundation hosted A Taste of Class, Live Cooking Show. Fundraiser at Luminous Gatherings event space. In attendance was a mixture of local small businesses owner, business professional, creatives, and food lovers who came together for the purpose of bringing awareness and raising funds for the future college students. Food is a universal love language and people tend to connect through great food. Chef Victor with “Slicksvic” was the Head Chef. The food was amazing! Guest Speakers Sajuana Williams, Education and Carrie Grace, Costume Designer for Warner Brothers Doom Patrol, impacted the event with their industry expertise. The event highlights were captured by Ken from Casanova Frnkenstein. In the future, we see the The Empowerment Foundation impacting thousands if not, millions of lives through Scholarships, Mental health resources, and state of the art Foster Care programs and resources.We expect to become an official 501c3 organization this year and partner with amazing brands who values are the youth, empowerment, and education. Which aligns strongly with The Empowerment Foundation mission which is to Change lives by paving roads of opportunities. As the The Empowerment Foundation evolves and becomes a staple name, we see the inclusion of many local and international businesses which is vital to its longevity and success in the years to come.

This year we are raising $5,000 with the goal of awarding 2 students $2,500 each. We have currently raised $3,600 for the scholarship!! With your support we will be able make this event the best! This year scholarships will be dedicated to:

➢ 1 minority student going to school for Art & Design

➢ 1 Academic scholarship (open to all).

Students must have a high school GPA of 2.8 or higher.


Special Guests:

Chef Victor of Slickvicscookin - @SLICKVICSCOOKIN

Speaker Carrie Grace - Costume Designer for Warner Brothers Doom Patrol - @CARRIENINJA

Speaker Sajuana Williams - Education - @SAJUANAWILLIAM


Bartender Squids Den - @SQUID_DEN



Committee Members:

Tony Troy - Producer - @TRUTHNBEATZ

Tenia Taylor - Fashion Designer - Website


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