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Rocking Out with Maurice Revell & The Traveling Jacket

Rock Out Kid Clothing has become a brand symbolic of “Rocking out”, enjoying life and keeping a positive mindset. The lifestyle skateboarding brand has launched its biggest project to date, The Traveling Jacket. The Traveling Jacket currently available at Kickstarter and Indiegogo is a multi-purpose technology jacket with 17 different functional pockets…yes 17! The machine-washable jacket comes in several different colors for both men and women and has pockets designed for your beverage, tablet, wallet, camera and more…it even comes with its own GPS tracker that allows you to track your jacket from your iPhone or Android device. How cool is that? As customers began to place their orders for this innovative and fashionable jacket, every $10.00 spent will be donated to help underprivileged children in both Bangladesh and Nigeria.

So who’s the man behind this incredible jacket? ….Maurice Revell; CEO and Owner of Rock Out Kid Clothing.

Born in Philadelphia; raised in New Jersey, Maurice tapped into his dreams of becoming an entrepreneur at an early age. “When God puts something on your heart…Do it,” said Maurice. The young CEO started Rock Out Kid Clothing company at the age of 16 years old. He began by selling t-shirts with his logo on them. “It was a simple shirt but something that I knew I could sell,” said Maurice with a smile on his face. Determined to make his dreams come true, Maurice continued his education by attending Burlington County Institute of Technology for degrees in Fashion Merchandising and Graphic Art Design.

During his exclusive interview with LUL Magazine, Maurice shared some of the lessons learned throughout his journey. He talked about the importance of having a great team around you and continuing your path even when it feels as though others don’t believe. “Don’t get discouraged…you might get a NO but keep going; Don’t rush your process. Be patient and move forward”. The young CEO has a daily routine that includes waking up by 7:00am every morning to handle business calls, meetings with his business partners, interviews, and of course time set aside for the creation of different clothing designs and concepts.

With growing interest from stores like PacSun and Zumiez, Rock Out Kid Clothing company is projected to be sold in 300 U.S. retail stores. As a true believer of faith, Maurice is thankful that God allows him to wake up with purpose. Rock Out Kid Clothing promotes positive thinking through fashion. Maurice desires to serve as an inspiration for people to let go of fear and chase their dreams, live their life, and keep the faith. “God gave me the vision; God gave me the goal; I just ran with it’’. “It’s about having vision and having faith”.

You can stay in the know with RockOutKid Clothing via most social media platforms, including twitter @rockoutkidbrand and Instagram @rockoutkidclothing.


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