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Magic, Music, & Mars

What is often considered a life threatening condition, a condition that many die from, God blessed this man to survive and overcome. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome has a three to five year survival rate amongst 70% of all infants that are born with this rare condition. If a child is blessed to live to the age of 12, then the chances of survival increases. Although there may be complications that will require medical attention, the blessings of God has enabled this man to live a life that many envy. This man is the talented Mars Kidd.

A child of the city of Chicago, Mars grew up in a world with great history and appreciation of art, music and culture. It was no surprise that he gracefully stepped into the music world; calling music his addiction. The addiction, his addiction to music birthed his moniker; M(y) A(ddiction) R(equires) S(uccess). This moniker is the absolute personification of his dedication to creating a work of art that transcends his soul and emerges into a world that has only seen this type of genius from artists like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Jay-Z, Nas and lil Wayne. His lyrical content tells a vivid story that will have you seeing the life of his words. The evidence of this can be witnessed on his instagram page where he gives us One MInute Bars with Mars.

As a rapper, he brings so much passion in his voice that is filled with metaphors that will have the crowd going crazy. As a singer, he has a way of seducing his listeners with his melodic tenor range that is sure to make even a rock cry. All of this drive can be traced back to his heart condition and the fact that he is a father. A father that wants to see his son smile and be proud of him. Despite the fact that he has a rare heart condition, he pours all of his heart into his craft because he knows that this example of passion and dedication is only an inspiration for his offspring.

The versatility of his talent is so incredible, that upon seeing him, you know that God has called Mars to a level of greatness that is often seen once, maybe twice in a lifetime. With sheepish eyes and a charismatic personality, whatever his next move in his career is; whether it be acting or modeling, will definitely propel upwards like his music. Relocating from Illinois to Georgia was a giant leap of faith that has proven to be very successful for him. As his music is being exposed to people and places that have never heard of him, they are quickly being converted into MARtians. This moment he has described as his make it or break it moment. Wanting to provide for his five year old son and advance his career, this leap of faith to break out of his comfort zone was what he decided would be best.

What would you do if doctors told you that you would never live a normal life? What would you do if you looked at your chest everyday and saw the constant reminder of scars that told you that your heart wasn’t strong enough? The answer is right before us, as Mars has proven time and time again that his destiny is greater than his handicap. His music and life carries so much impact, that you could undeniably call him the son of Tupac. Although this is just the beginning of greatness, the future's looking brighter each day with Mars Kidd.



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