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From Ruins to Royalty: Remy Tha King

Sugar in Grits

The greatest debate that is currently happening in pop culture is about grits. Does sugar or salt properly accommodate this delicious breakfast dish. For Remy Tha King, he selects sugar. Not because of the taste, but because of the poetic and artistic energies that it gives his taste buds. This energy travels from his mouth, down his throat, into his stomach and finally digests. After the digestion has occurred, his brain is now wired to give words that we can see, touch, taste and smell. This is the creative genius that is part of the DNA of Remy Tha King.

The abnormality of putting sugar in grits is also a reflection of his body of work. Never one to follow trends, Remy patterns his music after the incidents and memories of his life. Giving his audience and listeners a raw look into who he is. “I’ll expose myself before anyone exposes me,” a mantra that he not only quotes but lives by as well.

From the corridors of Long Beach, California, Remy envisioned a life beyond poverty and suffering. A life that would take him out of a broken situation and transform him into someone greater. With a glimmer of hope in his eyes, the journey that his life was taking was simply preparing him to be a king.

Betrayal Builds Character

Being dealt with some of life’s harshest blows, Remy took it all in. Watching the death of a friend, being assaulted, serving jail time and even almost losing his life; these lessons were absorbed into the wells of his spirit. Churning and manifest lyrical content that would wow many music connoisseurs. His life became the canvas of his music. “I base my music on everything I been through,” Remy shares, as he smiles triumphantly at the fact that he overcame. Langston Hughes once wrote ‘life for me ain’t been no crystal stair,’ and Remy has not only been a partaker, but also a witness to that testimony.

Music has a way of drawing people, that drawing and yearning to make something that would withstand the test of time, coupled with his life experiences; Remy Tha King gave the world his latest project, “Betrayal Builds Character.” Each song weaves a tapestry of life lessons and anthems that could be incorporated in the life of the average person. These lessons that Remy applies to his life, he also shares with others. Knowing his reach and impact, he emphatically believes in empowering others and acts as a mentor. With music being the foundation of his platform, he has already determined that the sky's the limit.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

With the success of his music, Remy doesn’t want to be the only one on his team to eat. Generational wealth and community economics are also his passions. As a mentor, he strives to be a resource that anyone can use to help launch off to the next level of greatness. This all comes full circle back to his childhood, as he watched his father be a blessing to others, even though they struggled at times. This core value of who he is as a businessman and artist is a trait that has opened doors for him. With dreams of one day being able to retire from music and just enjoy life, he understands that he must serve as an agent of change and inject positivity in the world so that we may all enjoy life.

Betrayal Builds Character is available on all major streaming platforms



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