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Brian J. White

Merging Technology, Film and Business

We recognize Brian J. White in some of our favorite films: Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All by Myself, Cabin in the Woods, Stomp the Yard, and Good Deeds. He has captured the hearts of millions and now he wants to help hustlers and entrepreneurs elevate their businesses.

Crossing over into the tech world, White is launching a new app that will make marketing yourself, your brand as easy as sweet potato pie. The app that is going to revolutionize the hustle world is SnapCall. According to White, SnapCall would be a one stop shop where you can market yourself, whether you are a content creator, chef, fashion designer, model or entertainer. Even while in the beta stages of the app, White testifies that his barber has joined SnapCall and has been able to sell her daughter’s artwork and book new clients that are in need of a great barber. He says that she has seen her business increase.

How does SnapCall work? Unlike social media, SnapCall allows users to operate their business(es) using text messaging. They will be able to send invoices, collect payment, book appointments and network with others, all through text messaging. This e-commerce app allows you to interact with individuals on a more personal level. You get your own SnapCall number; can distribute it and start texting immediately. In conjunction, SnapCall will assist with marketing, it will examine your potential customers buying profile and it will allow you to reach out to them on a more intimate level as if you were texting a friend.

The idea of SnapCall was motivated by Brian White’s mother, as he watched her transitionto many roles which includes but wasn’t limited to, administrative assistant, chief operating officer and mother. He felt that a person should not have to sacrifice all of their time to become successful in their field of interest. Coming from a strong family background, he works with less stress and more time to live life. As a girl dad, these are some lessons that he is instilling into his daughter. So while he is merging the worlds of business, entertainment and tech, Brian White is enjoying time with his wonderful family.

Currently SnapCall has it’s waiting list open, if you would like to join the waiting list, download the SnapCall app from the Google play store or the Apple app store and select request access. You will instantly be placed on the waitlist. Hurry and sign up today, so that you may elevate your hustle with Brian J. White.


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