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On Sunday Nov. 29th, 2020, LulMagazine had the opportunity to be apart of an amazing experience. Legendary HipHop/Rap artist (@Sickflo100mad) also known as Ricardo Valentine invited us out to be the first to get an Exclusive BTS for his music video for his new upcoming single called #RELAY. I had the chance to talk with Flo and he shared the concept of the video stating to me, "I'm doing a whole Hip Hop meets Harlem Renaissance type of vibe"and at that moment I immediately was intrigued to see where this all was about to go especially during all of these restrictions due to the pandemic. On the day of the shoot, two team members Aranda (@aboriginalthebrand), Kehyare( & I saw exactly why he chose that type of vibe because we arrived at a really nice barbershop by the name of "Flavaz"(@FlavazStylingTeam) located

in Lithonia, Ga that gave off a Harlem Renaissance sort of feel as if it was a small town of its own. The barbershop felt like a time capsule machine in a sense that when you walked in, you saw an old school pop corn machine with the big glass window, the older style barber chairs that had the hand levers you could use to lay clients back in, but was so comfortable, many photos of Black African American inspirations like Martin Luther King Jr, John Lewis, Malcom X, etc. close to the ceilings, and even a station that sold cold beverages that really put the icing on the cake.

Apart from the shop, everything was going according to plan right up until the rain begin to pour down harder without any slack, but Flo wasn't going to let that stop his vision, as we all thought he could use the rain to his advantage making the outside scene look even better. After a few minutes or so, the shop begin to fill up with other great talents who were going to be apart of the music video & others who showed up just to support Flo's project. From Comedian (Rod Minger) & Actor (P.Shawn) bringing some comedic relief on set, Producer/Videographer (ZonaSimz) who help film on set & produced the #Relay track, Artist (Kmoshamaal) who is featured on the track, Artist (Zhani) who is the model in the video, and Artists (BellaBlaq), (LitOrWhatever) along with (Tai Penn) who were barbers brought the set life with great team work, laughter, and support helped everything run smooth on set.

The "Harlem meets Hip Hop Renaissance" theme went a little further having a red old school car to fancy suites and big hats, down to the customer in the shop, you couldn't tell us otherwise. As we continued to capture these moments between Flo and Kmoshamaal on set, I remember him saying that the collaboration came from an OG and Nephew who was having a regular conversation talking about how they wanted to do something together and decided to finally make it. The dynamic between the two really sparked the vision from their bars helping us see the video fully come together, unfold and become its own. I believe Relay is a song that anybody can enjoy, and will be a song many others will start requesting to hear and see more. There was nothing that could stop this day from being everything it needed to be because we weren't going to let it. As he stated on set, "This wasn't our video (Flo & Kmoshamaal), but OUR (everyone involved) video as he understood it was the contribution of the people there that made it possible.


Just a few photos we took from the shoot


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Dwyane Stovall
Dwyane Stovall
Dec 04, 2020

This Article is great.

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