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Against All Odds... What a way to name LUL’s 9th issue. It is important to know that communication is universal and it is how we as human beings move throughout the world when we are working together to get things done.


The question most people ask is "HOW” can someone understand me if they don't speak my language? My answer is, "that's a great question that can be answered in so many ways." Just as you take a beat inside, you will be pulled into a world of Dance, and how it has shaped peoples lives.


The stories that you read, and the digital videos attached to some of the photos will educate, inform, and entertain you. It is because of the story teller, the passion they showcase, and the positive impact it leaves on any person who experiences it because it is simply beautiful art. Check out the different flames lighting up in this 9th issue.

LUL Magazine Issue #9 - FyreNationCrew: Against All Odds

SKU: 051497328658
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