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LULMagazine (LetUsLive) is a new & upcoming piece of art that sits on a foundation of Love, Unity, and Diversity. The “LUL” logo is a unique brand created by Dwyane Stovall, a visionary who came upon the idea of LUL channeling his own life experiences and daily observations and conversations amongst family, friends, peers, and even strangers.


This Magazine is extremely Vibrant, Open, Bold, and Thought-Provoking capturing life as a whole, realizing that the truth and reality that which we live and see on a daily basis is what births authencity and genuinism all over the world. The One point, which connects us all is that, we can identify and relate to each other’s Struggles and Successes. In realizing how important life is, directly created the path for LUL to share a multitude of lifestyles which makes up “OUR” world which we live in today such as entertainment, Businesses, Forums, and many more amazing new and upcoming avenues of work that which we do that excites us.

LUL Magazine Issue #1 - "If I Told You The Truth, Would You Still Love Me"

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