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The Author of My Path

There is an old aphorism that goes “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but that is still better than a master of one.” However, when we examine the credentials and resume of Andrew Snorton, he is not only just a ‘jack of all trades,’ but he is a master of many. This talented man has made an impact in multiple industries, that to limit him as a master of one would be a disservice.

As a member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and an alumnus of Wake Forest University, Andrew Snorton grounded himself in humility and positioned himself for greatness by always keeping a positive mindframe that was reinforced by his faith. ‘Knowing who you are and whose you are,’ are powerful words that carried him from Wake Forest University to the multimedia conglomerate that we see now.

Born in New Jersey and raised in Illinois, Snorton developed a love for the literary arts at a young age. With both of his parents being part of the educational system, devouring a book was not just a habit, but it was a lifestyle. From writing for an online magazine to writing his first book “Deeper Than Your Deepest Sleep: Thoughts on Love with Joseph Snorton ,”this book was a collection of poetry that formally inducted Snorton into the community of published authors that have made the successful transition from magazine to book. This book was inspired by personal life experience and an invitation to Dr. Maya Angelou’s memorial service that took place at the Wake Forest University campus.

From there, Snorton found success in the literary industry and eventually branched back out into the media industry, serving as the host for the show “The Conversation Corner.” Having conversations that are often considered taboo and controversial, this show is a forum for free speech and free understanding.

Often finding himself in the media box of many different political and entertainment events, this has led to his career in being a highly sought after public speaker. Effectively using his platform to inspire change and develop the next generation, he has worked with the Gwinnett County School System located in Georgia. With a career that is well rounded that it pours into the next generation, Andrew Snorton has opened himself as a resource that is willing and able to help anyone who desires to transcend to the next level. Author, podcast host, television personality and educator; these are some titles that can describe Andrew Snorton, but when combined together he is called “trailblazer.”


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