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Oh Taste and See with Paislee's Tastees

When Beyonce asked ‘who run the world?’ The resounding answer from the chorus was “Girls.” She then continues with the line “Boy you know you love it, how we’re smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business.” Beyonce’s lyrics manifested into the lives of many women across the globe, especially this one great her-trepreneur that is building an empire in the world of cold pressed juices. ‘Who run the world?’ The answer would be Paislee Graves, the founder and owner of Paislee’s Tastees, and the new queen of cold pressed juices.

Starting out as a hobby, Paislee never gave thought into starting a juice business. She was a mother and a corporate America powerhouse, delivering both excellent results for her job while balancing the role of being a mother was her day-to-day norm. This day-to-day role became a hassle as her job became unyielding to her being a mother. In the midst of this battle, she started juicing.

Although at the moment, cold-pressed juices wasn’t the plan, Paislee just wanted to be a more available mother and give her son the good life. She wanted to have more control of her life and not be on anyone’s time clock. Taking a leap of faith and following heaven’s leading, creating juices was her divine talent. Not realizing that it was her business and vision, she started selling juices at work and then taking them to pop-up shops around the metro-Atlanta area.

Her juices became a big success, with this success she got a business coach, started to legitimize her business, network and market her business, and hustle like there was no tomorrow. As her cold-pressed juice business started to take off, two things were quite clear and obvious. The first was that her business needed a name, and so she named it Paislee’s Tastees. The second was that she recognized that she was no longer happy working in the corporate world. A corporate job was fostering a form of depression that was starting to affect her. As a result, she left and never looked back.

Currently, one of the fastest growing brands in the Metro-Atlanta area, Paislee’s Tastees is the result of Paislee Graves asserting herself into her destiny, and not going back. She has been featured at Pop-up shops, and conferences.She has built a juice empire where she reigns as queen supreme. Because of her constant grind and dedication, life has changed completely for her. She picks her own work schedule, takes vacation when she so desires, and lives life on her terms now.

Paislee is unstoppable! With delivery available, you can become a “tastee.” Her all natural fresh juices are giving what they are supposed to be giving, and that is life and deliciousness. You can follow this awesome woman on instagram @paisleestastees or visit her website

‘Who run the world?’ The answer to Beyonce’s question is Paislee Graves.


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