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Meet the Mako Girls

Girl groups have been a staple in the music industry: En Vogue, TLC, the Supremes, Xscape, Spice Girls, SWV and Destiny’s Child. These girl groups have not only achieved mega-stardom, but they have also paved the road for the next great girls group.

In the city of Atlanta, where talent is flowing down the streets and southern hospitality comes from every person you meet, three young women are taking the music game by storm. They are applying straight pressure because their vocal abilities are as strong as their sisterhood. They understood the assignment, and with that they are taking off and taking over. These young women have been described as the second coming of Destiny’s Child, with hot singles such as; ‘Leverage,’ ‘Ready,’ and ‘Day 1’. Meet Mimi, A-Ni, and Kena Ochoa. They are the Mako Girls.

Before they were ever a girls group, they were sisters with an amazing bond that is seen both on and off the stage, their love for each other brings an authenticity to their songs and videos. Originally starting as a dance group, the sisters eventually ventured into music in 2013 and released their first project in 2014.

From artist development, writing songs, vocal lessons, to being each other's hype-woman, they bring an energy that is different, something that is rarely seen from artists. Their energy is an anointing that has been sanctioned by God. In such a short amount of time, they have built a massive platform for themselves and in the same token, uses that platform to reach back to other artists that are on the rise. Their annual Carnival Glow party, a homage to their West Indies roots, gives fans and other talented artists the opportunity to glow in their talents.

These young women are defying the rules of traditional artistry and are paving their own way to stardom. As they are climbing the ladder of success, they remain humble and surrounded by their family. With hopes of collaborating with artists like Doja Cat, everyday the Mako Girls are sharpening their talent and training their minds for the day that they accept their first Grammy.

They are young, ambitious, talented and motivated. They are the Mako Girls. Make sure that you go and stream their music on your favorite streaming platform and follow them on Instagram @makogirls.


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