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Fresh Young Boys : “Hood Relatives”

Written by: Oroscia Lowe and Cyn The Great

The best part about a chosen family is being able to build a bond or relationship based on similarities and shared goals. When Fresh Young boys came together they each had a vision of success and decided to blend their creative minds to build an empire. The birth of Fresh Young Boys was instant and the group of talented young men decided to create and mange a record label that houses other projects as well. When LUL Magazine sat down with a few of the members from FYB they were able to get detailed insight on what how the label was created, the sacrifices made and exclusive highlights of upcoming projects. The members of FYB spoke on their newest album “Hood Relatives” which will be released soon.

1. LUL Magazine: “Thank you all for joining us today! Tell us about yourselves and how you got started”.

DC Davinci : “We started as Fresh Young Boys in highschool but now we are a bit older. We are a record label. At first, we were just kids that started off rapping; just a clique of kids that loved each other. We look for artists. We push ourselves. We’re independent and that’s what we’re on right now.”

FYB Tevin: “I’m one of like 7 members within the group. We grew up, coming from the hood, just trying to pursue our dreams. Once we figured out that we were all on the same path, we got locked in. We’re trying to push the envelope as far as the label. We have an album that will drop soon called “Hood Relatives”. Be on the lookout for that.”

2. LUL Magazine: “How did you come up with your name”?

DC Davinci: “One of our group members Issa had a song called Fresh Young Boys and we just ran with it”

3. LUL Magazine: “Where are you all originally from”?

FYB (DC Davinci & Trillionaire): “Decatur, Georgia; the East Side”

4. LUL Magazine: “So you’re label is based out of Atlanta”?

FYB (DC Davinci & Trillionaire): “Yes, For Sure”.

5. LUL Magazine: “I know the label is just starting out but do you all want to have different studios in different cities”?

Tevin: “Soon. We plan to get to that point where we have different studios in different cities. Talent is everywhere, you know. As we are building our label and traveling to different cities, if we see talent of course we will give them a chance”.

6. LUL Magazine: “What do you think makes your music standout the most”?

Tevin: “The unity, one thing about it, we don’t sound like anyone else. Everyone in the city has their own sound. When you hear our music, you will be like “oh yah we fuck with them”. We have good quality in our music, good sound, turnup”.

DC Davinci: “We are versatile, very versatile”

7. LUL Magazine: “Talk to us about your versatility”

DC Davinci: “Well to me, we don’t have any competition. The competition is amongst us as a group. We don’t look at what anyone else is doing. When I say we are versatile, like you could come to me and I might have rap songs for women, but Tevin might have a whole lot of songs made for the club, and then you go to C-Trill and he has the streets on lock; he’s going to give you some game. We are all versatile in our own ways and when you put it together, we can’t be stopped, we can’t be touched”.

8. LUL Magazine: “What are some of the things that have to be done when creating a label”?

Tevin: “You have to have a good team around you, passionate about what they do and love to do what they do . It’s like a car, every wheel has to have air in it in order for it to move or it won’t go anywhere. The label is the same way, all hands must be in motion. You get out what you put in. You must work as hard as you want to play. You have to push the envelope”.

9. LUL Magazine: “What obstacles have you all faced that you have been able to overcome”?

DC Davinci: “I would say that the obstacle is the fact that you have to spend your own money; everything comes from you. You have to do everything. You can’t bank on anyone to do anything for you. You are the label and sometimes it can be hard being an artist and the label at the same time”.

10. LUL Magazine: What keeps you going?

DC Davinci: “Well, I just had my daughter, so that definitely keeps me going”.

Tevin: “Family for sure, you want to make sure that you get over that hump and make it because a lot of people don’t get the turn and a lot of people don’t make it. With us, we are just really passionate about it, so even on days where we get tired, we know that we have to still stay in and get it. We know that we come from this and that we’re good at it. It takes a lot of self- motivation because we do have days where we get tired. Hard times don’t last, tough people do”.

11. LUL Magazine: “What do you want people to say about what you’re working towards and doing for the community”?

DC Davinci: “I want people to say that we are the greatest to ever do it”.

Trillionaire: “Facts. Especially out of Decatur”.

DC Davinci: “Yah, especially being from Decatur, like we’re the best to ever do it. Before we were known, we have been doing things for the community; that’s just in us”.

Tevin: “We also want to be a living testimony that it’s possible. To show people that we look just like you and we come from where you come from, but we made something out of it. We want to show people how to look out and take care of your community”.

12. LUL Magazine: “What details are you able to share about your album to be released “ Hood Relatives”?

Tevin: “It’s in the works. It’s definitely coming soon”!

DC Davinci: “We have some hard features for sure. Its different vibes on the album. Our Music is forever. It’s not something you just listen to for the summer. Our music is forever”

13. LUL Magazine: “Issa, as you are just joining us, what has your experience been starting a label”?

Issa: “It’s been dope. We started out as a group of brothers and turned it into a label because everyone has talent. Its dope though. Behind the music, beside the music, we will still be brothers. We will still be FYB. That’s how I look at it. We are just turning it into an enterprise, making money off our talent”

14. LUL Magazine: “What would you say to young black men looking up to you”?

Trillionaire: “You always have to stick to your dream . Sometimes people will try to discourage you but make you second guess it, but always follow your dream, because dreams do come true”.

DC Davinci: “Right, just because it didn’t work for someone else, doesn’t mean it won’t work for you”

15. LUL Magazine: “What other projects do you all have in motion currently”?

DC Davinci: “C-Trill and I have a project called “Travinci” on the way after Hood Relatives is released”.

Tevin: “I have a project called “I’m him” that’s on the way.

Issa: “I have a project that I’ll be dropping on my birthday “It’s a blessing”.

DC Davinci: “We got music for days”.








These guys are really making moves out in atlanta, and is working hard to build and leave a legacy for the people they love, and are looking to find other talented artists to join their label. Make sure you check them out on instagram: @fybrecords to find out more about the label, and see what new projects are on the way.


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